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Jupiter Wood is a member of the Canadian Hardwood Bureau and the BC Wood Association, based in Vancouver, Canada. It operates the North American and Southeast Asian product brands. The founding team of the company has been engaged in the development of the forest industry for 15 years. It has rich experience in log harvesting, sawn timber processing, drying kilns, and international shipping. The company’s business covers North America, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and area.



Jupiter Wood supplies high-quality North America hardwoods (Hard Maple, White Birch, Yellow Birch, White Oak, Red Oak, Black Walnut, Hickory, Ash, Cherry, Yellow Poplar, Red Alder etc.) ,Red Cedar and Southeast Asian hardwoods to wholesale distributors and factories across China, Japan, Korea.




(Qingdao) Opening - Photo_page-0001.jpg

Jupiter wood's Agency in Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Wood Trading Center is ready for opening soon...



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